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Fractional Octal to Hexadecimal Converter With Steps

Convert Octal to Hexadecimal number

Steps to convert octal number to hexadecimal

Octal and hexadecimal numbers can be converted into each other using direct method. For this purpose we have to first convert provided octal number into binary form. The obtained binary digits then converted into hexadecimal using binary to hexadecimal table. Another useful method for conversion is using intermediate number system. This intermediate system is decimal number system. Here we are converting these numbers using direct method.

For conversion of these numbers using intermediate decimal number first convert Oct to Dec and the result again will be converted Dec to Hexa.

A stepwise procedure for fractional octal to hexadecimal number system is listed below.

  1. We are required valid and complete fractional octal number.
  2. Here valid oct means that it should contain digits only from the octal number system domain.
  3. when we use direct conversion method we have to convert each octal digit to the corresponding binary digits with pair of THREE binary digits.
  4. These oct to binary equivalent can be written from the binary table.
  5. The integer and fractional part is converted independently in the same manner.
  6. The result of each integer and fractional part will be combined to get the required number.
  7. In direct conversion we are required binary table.


octal to hexadecimal conversion
How to convert Octal into Hexadecimal

How to convert fractional Octal into Hexadecimal

Fractional octal also can be converted using binary table (direct method) and intermediate number system as decimal.

Octal to Hexadecimal Examples

Few examples are provided for practice conversion.

  • Find out hexadecimal equivalent of 34.42 octal number.
  • What is the process of converting oct to hexadecimal using decimal numbers system?
  • Write the hexadecimal equivalent of octal number 111.504.
  • How to convert oct into fractional hexadecimal number using binary table?
  • Calculate hexadecimal of provided octal 17.77.
  • Convert 34.2323 into hexadecimal.

Octal To Binary Counting

Octal Binary
0 000
1 001
2 010
3 011
4 100
5 101
6 110
7 111