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Step By Step Fractional Decimal To Binary Converter

Convert Decimal to Binary

Steps to convert fractional decimal number to binary

Decimal numbers are frequently used in real life for measuring different quantities. This number system include TEN digits from 0 to 9. Each digit of this number system also have specific weight from right to left traversing into the number. These particular weights are raised to the power of 10, which is base of decimal. In result we can get weight the particular digit.

We can convert decimal number into binary and vice versa according to requirements. For this purpose we have to perform series of steps. These steps are mentioned before the resultant binary. These steps are as follows

  1. In first there is required a valid decimal number.
  2. After that we have to divide the given number by 2
  3. This process will continue until the remainder of the division will not equal to zero.
  4. After the complete division we will have subsequent binaries in the form of remainder.
  5. The first remainder is called LSB (Least Significant Bit).
  6. The last remainder is called MSB (Most Significant Bit.
  7. Accumulate these binaries or remainder are written from bottom to top.
  8. The equivalent binary of first two decimal numbers 0 and 1 is same as 0 and 1.

Valid Decimal Number

Each valid or invalid number is judge by the number system domain from which it is created. So the valid decimal number will only contain the digits from 0 to 9. Additionaly decimal number may also have a fractional symbol that is called dot operator.


decimal to binary conversion using division method
How to convert fractional Decimal number to Binary

Convert Fractional Decimal Number into Binary

In real world problems there we may also face conversion of fractional numbers. These number additionally contain decimal part separated by dot symbol. For conversion of fractional numbers integer part and fractional are calculated separately.

Decimal to Binary Examples

Here are some important and frequently asked conversions.

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