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Step By Step Binary To Hexadecimal Converter

Convert Binary to Hexadecimal number

Steps to convert Binary number to Hexadecimal

Hexadecimal numbers plays a vital role in memory addresses management. Computer internal memory as well storage devices are mapped into small blocks of bit for storing data either permanent or temporary. Here to locate the address of data or instruction each block or can say memory portion has assigned particular address. These addresses are represented in Hexadecimal Notation.

Each binary number can be represented with the help of hexadecimal numbers. So that a large and difficult to manage binary number can easily deal with the help of hexadecimal number system. Use of hexadecimal numbers make address management compact and efficient for faster data storage and retrieval.

Here are list of steps that are used for binary to hexadecimal conversion.

  1. First of all we have to provide the valid binary number.
  2. The digits of provided number are grouped into four bits from right to left.
  3. If the total digits from the number are less than the multiplier of 4
  4. Then the number is padded with additional 0's from the left hand side.
  5. After grouping 4 bits from the number we have to write the corresponding Hexadecimal digit.
  6. In last step we combine all the derived digits of hexadecimal number system.
  7. There is also another alternative process for the conversion of binary numbers into hexadecimal form, for that purpose first we have to convert binary number into decimal form using power method. And after this one we will use division method to convert the obtained decimal number into Hexadecimal.


binary to hexadecimal conversion
How to convert Binary number to Hexadecimal

Fractional Binary To Hexadecimal

We can find fractional hexadecimal equivalent from the provided binary number. For this purpose we will assign powers the digits appearing after decimal point. The difference is that all the digits after decimal point will have negative positions. For example first digit will have -1 position and raised to the power of corresponding required base such as hexadecimal.

Alternative method of conversion

We can also convert binary number into hexadecimal using decimal number system as intermediate number. For this purpose first we will convert Bin to Dec and then convert Dec to Hex.

Binary to Octal Examples

Here are the examples that will help to learn in detail that How to convert binary to octal number

  • How to convert 1010101.01 binary into equivalent octal number?
  • Convert 10101.001 into octal number system.
  • Write a shortcut method for conversion of binary into octal.
  • Calculate octal number for the given binary 111.01011.
  • Find out the octal number of 111001.1010.
  • Write down the stepwise procedure for binary to octal conversion.
  • What will be the octal equivalent of 10.01000 binary?
  • Write down a random binary of 10 digits and convert it into octal.

Binary To Hexa Counting

Binary Hexadecimal
0000 0
0001 1
0010 2
0011 3
0100 4
0101 5
0110 6
0111 7
1000 8
1001 9
1010 A
1011 B
1010 C
1011 D
1110 E
1111 F
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