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Online Password Entropy Calculator

Determine Password Strength

How to measure password strength

A password is the secure word or phrase that is used to keep data safe from unauthorized access. So that this must be secure and safe. The question is that how we can create a password much secure. Password quality determine the safety of passwords. Here are the some parameters that can be used to determine the strength of a password.

Good Password Characteristics

  • Use of Upper and Lower Case Alphabets
  • Use Numbers
  • Use Special Characters.

Password Complexity Test Steps

There are multiple password strength testing tools which are available online. These tools find the use of different symbols in passwords for quality check. The week password is dangerous for use, It may cause any type of data loss. So it is recommended to check password health before it is applied.

How to remember complex passwords

It is good practice to use a quality and much complex password, but there is a problem that such type of password cannot easily remembered by the human beings. To handle this issue we can use the following tips.

  1. Try to relate password with your personal info.
  2. Relate password strings with your pet's names.
  3. Use passwords relate to the certain time stamps.
  4. Avoid to use similar types of passwords.

What is password meter?

Password meter is the meter that visually shows the strength of password. This meter shows the strength of password using multiple colors. Here yellow, red and green colors are used to show the quality of password.

How password complexity calculator work

Password complexity calculator create checks from the input string. This string is the password that is to be verified. Calculator search Alphabets, special characters and numbers from the input string. Password checker finally return some integer value that will be used in password meter to show password strength.

Password Strength Calculator
Password Strength Calculator
Password Strength Chart
Value Strength Recommended
1 To 40 Weak Not recommended
40 To 70 Average Slightly recommended
70 To 100 Strong Recommended