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Ladder Least Common Multiple Calculator

LCM step by step

Steps to calculate LCM using Ladder Method

This method of calculation used a hierarchy for the finding of least common multiple. This technique is much similar to the repeated division method. But this method is not commonly used because of its multiple set of constrains to understand the formulation. On the other hand repeated division method is simple and easy to understand.

Ladder method continue dividing the given numbers repeatedly until the two of the given list are divisible from the list. We start this process using the first prime number 2. Ladder refers to the stairs in the sense of the visual structure, because at the final step we found a stairs step similar structure for the outcome of LCM.

Here are the list of steps that are required to calculate LCM using Ladder method

  1. List all the given numbers vertically.
  2. Start dividing these all numbers start from the 2.
  3. The constrain is that before dividing we have to ensure that at least two numbers are there which are completely divisible by the coming prime number. coming means from 2 to onward the same rule will be followed
  4. Divide and continue the above said process.
  5. In last step there will be the list of prime numbers which divide the list one after another.
  6. Now we have to multiply these all dividers and the remaining numbers.
  7. Multiply all these above said numbers to obtain the least common multiple.


Find LCM using Ladder method
Calculate LCM using Ladder method

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