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Step By Step Hexadecimal To Binary Converter

Convert Hexadecimal to Binary number

Steps to convert hexadecimal number to binary

In hexadecimal numbers the quantities such as memory addresses and color code are represented in short form. In such situations there is requirement for conversion of these hexadecimal numbers reverse into binary form. This will provide the better understanding of encoding schemes that how computer or electronic device encode the large complicated binary numbers into shorter form. This conversion is similar to other number system conversion. Here we will convert the provided hexadecimal number into binary number using direct conversion method.

In direct conversion we represent each provided hexadecimal digit with the help of four binary digits. There is also another alternative way for this conversion using Hex to Dec and then result will be again converted Dec to Bin.

Some steps would be followed for the complete conversion of these number systems. Here steps are listed below.

  1. First of all check is the provided number is correct.
  2. Means that it only contain the digits from the concerned numbers system domain.
  3. Then we will use the binary to hexadecimal numbers table for mapping each digit from the given number.
  4. Write each binary equivalent number from the table.
  5. Converge each converted binary number to find out the required number.
  6. Hexadecimal number is a short form that may also contain the fraction part.


hexadecimal to binary conversion
How to convert Hexadecimal into Binary

How to convert fractional hexadecimal into Binary

Fractional hexadecimal number is not frequently used in real world for manipulation of digit. These fractional hexadecimal numbers can also be converted into binary form as similar to the integer number. for this purpose we have to convert each part independently as of integer and fractional part. The digit of fractional portion will also mapped from the hexadecimal table.

Hexadecimal to Binary Examples

Some important examples of the conversion are listed here.

  • Convert 1A32.E34 into binary form.
  • What is the binary equivalent number of hexadecimal 1B1B.BB?
  • Find out the binary of hexadecimal 1AB.BA.
  • Write the detailed steps for fractional hexadecimal to binary.
  • How to convert the DDD.DEF into binary form?
  • Explain the conversion of the two number systems with example.
  • Calculate the binary equivalent of FF.AA hexadecimal number.

Hexa To Binary Counting

Hexadecimal Binary
0 0000
1 0001
2 0010
3 0011
4 0100
5 0101
6 0110
7 0111
8 1000
9 1001
A 1010
B 1011
C 1010
D 1011
E 1110
F 1111