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GCD By Using Power Method

Steps to calculate GCD/HCF using Prime Powers

This method of calculation for GCD is similar to the prime factors method In this technique we start dividing the given numbers by prime numbers. The division starts from prime no 2 (two) and continue the process.

Following steps are involved in complete calculation.

  1. Find the prime factors of each given numbers.
  2. Write down these number in powers form.
  3. Means count the occurance of each number and write its power.
  4. Now collect the common numbers.
  5. In the last step multiply these common factors.


gcd using powers method
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GCD/HCF Common Questions

Here are some of the questions that can be solved to completely understand the process of powers method.

  • What is the GCD of following numbers 33, 65, 10 and 26
  • Find HCF of numbers 44, 109, 55 and 10
  • What is the HCF of 1, 1
  • Find the HCF of 90, 118, 308, 444, 666
  • How to calculate the GCD of numbers with the help of Powers meethod