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Prime Factor Calculator

Calculate Prime Factors with steps

Steps to calculate Prime Factor

Prime Factor is the number that completely divide the provided number and divisor is prime. In this technique the given number is repeatedly divide by the prime numbers from 2 to onward. In mathematics every number is composition or we say that multiple of prime numbers.

In this online application we list down all the prime numbers whose multiple will result of given number. Here are the steps that are required to find the prime factors.

  1. Divide first of number by 2
  2. Continue the above said process until the number become 1 0r 0
  3. If number is greater the 2 and not divisible by 2.
  4. Then start trying this number by next prime numbers such as 3, 5, 7.....


prime factors in mathematics
How to calculate prime factors of number

Prime Factor Example Questions

Here are the number of example practice questions that enhance the ability to solve factor problems

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