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Find Matrix Multiplication, Determinant and Transpose

What is Matrix in Mathematics

Matrix is a two dimensional array of elements. In mathematics these elements are numbers either integer or fractional. In other fields of science This may be tabular arrangement of any object. In computer Science a matrix can also consist of objects of classes or any special characters.

This tabular arrangement can be manipulated in various ways to get required results. There are several operations of matrices. The fundamentally we used to compute the following operations of matrix.

Implementations of Matrix

Matrices are much frequently used in mathematics as well other science. There is very important role of matrix manipulation in Computer Science. Matrix are used in Data Structures, Database Systems, Computer Visions for the processing large amount of data.

Matrix Vs Vector

Vector is sequence of elements in horizontal or vertical sequence. Vectors are one dimensional arrays, while matrix is a two dimensional (2D) array. We can say that matrix is collection of vectors.