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Working Days Between Two Dates

This web application is used to count the total working days in between Two provided dates. Here we have to provide start and end dates in standard format (Y-m-d). We can also set the holidays in between these dates. Workdays are the days or can say dates in which we have to perform our duty. These are also called office days or dates. This can also be used as business workday calculator after the selection of business days

Steps to calculate Working Dates

There are three or four simple steps that are required to find the working days. These steps are listed here below.

  1. First of all provide the start date in standard date format.
  2. Check the days of week such as Sunday or other in some special case.
  3. Here Sunday is by default selected as there is common holiday in maximum of regions.
  4. We can also select other than Sunday.
  5. Aside this one as said above we can also select multiple dates as holidays.
  6. We can add multiple dates as required. These may be special region specif holidays.
  7. After al the process of above said is completed we just press the calculate button.

How to calculate work days per month

To calculate the total working days for a given month. This calculator is much flexible so that we can select the entire month from these two dates drop downs. From the first drop down we have to select the first date and from second date picker we will select last date of month. In some organizations there is two holidays so we can check two days as Saturday and Sunday to skip these from working days.

Business workdays calculator between dates
Business Workdays Calculator

Count work days

Here we are not required any manual calculations, this calculator will automatically count the total working days. In addition it will also list down the holidays that lies in between the selected dates. Count of work days will depend on selection of holidays. This is also useful to know about how to work out hours worked per day.

Working Week Calculator

This application also provide total no of weeks that will be in between the provided dates. So that this calculator can also be used for the counting of total working weeks.