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LCM Using Number Multiples

LCM calculator steps For Multiples

Steps to calculate LCM using Prime Factor Method

To calculate LCM using multiples of number, It is required to multiply the given number from 1 to the common multiplier. Such like to write down the table of given number

Normally it is practice to calculate the LCM of two numbers.In this online Math Calculator we can provide more than one number as input. So that we have to compute the multiples of each number one after another. Until there is common number.

By default it is not recommended or efficient technique for finding LCM.

The reason is that this method involve a lot of calculations, and there is continuous prediction required from the entire lists of number. But it's good to have proper knowledge about how to find it step by step.

Following steps are followed for this method.

  1. Write down all numbers in tabular form.
  2. Start writing multiples of each number in front of number.
  3. Best practice is to start from writing multiples of minimum number first.
  4. In same way we will continue to write the multiples of every provided numbers one after another.
  5. Write the multiples up to common one.
  6. The last common multiple from each number list will be the LCM.


LCM using common multiples method
LCM using common multiples

LCM Practice Questions

Some of the important questions that can be solved as practice are as.