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Online Age Calculator

Find your age using Age Calculator

How to use Age Calculator

Age finder is an online application that can be used to calculate age as well as it can also calculate the dates difference. This difference can job or service duration. This will provide calendar of both provided months with highlighted dates. In addition to the age a detail about total months, days as well as hours and minutes also part of result.

There is unique formula for the calculation of age all over the world. But in some of the countries this age is subtracted by one year in which a person is born. And in some other countries the new born baby is consider at the age of 9 months. But in practical this calculator find age using unique formula.

Steps to calculate Age using Calendar Method

  1. Here are the common steps that guide to calculate age.
  2. First of all select your date of birth (DOB).
  3. Normally DOB is calculated till date, but we can also select some different date.
  4. After this one click on calculate button the result will include calculated age.
  5. This age calculator also provide other relevant matrices.
calculate age from date of birth
Age Calculator