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GCD Using Largest Common Factor

Steps to calculate GCD/HCF by Finding Largest Common Factors Method

This method is simple and easy to for beginners. In this method we have to find the factors of each provided numbers. The factor is the number that can completely divide the provided number. These factors can be start from 1 (One) upto the number itself. By default 1 is common dividing number and factor, so that if any other factor from the numbers will not match the GCD will be 1.

There are some steps to be followed for the calculation of HCF or GCD by using greatest common factor.

  1. From start divide and collect or write down each divisor of given numbers. Means write down factors.
  2. Start dividing every number from 1 to itself means N.
  3. List factors of each numbers align them vertically.
  4. Circle or highlight if there are common factors from all these numbers
  5. In last step identify the greatest number, This number is the GCD.


gcd using Greatest Common Factor method
GCD using Greatest Common Factor

GCD Practice Questions

Some of the important questions that can be solved as practice are as.

  1. what will GCD of 33, 55 using highest common factor method
  2. Find the HCF of 56, 90,88
  3. Write down the steps for calculating HCF using greatest common factor.
  4. Calculate the GCD of 12, 66, 80 and 45
  5. Calculate GCD of two numbers such as 48, 106
  6. Write down the simple way for calculating HCF/GCD.