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Step By Step Octal To Decimal Converter

Convert Octal to Decimal number

Steps for conversion Octal number into Decimal

Octal has several important implementations in different fields of computer science and mathematics. This is another way for the representation of large binary numbers in shorter form. Octal numbers are also used in unix operating systems for permission configurations about users.

There is a simple way for conversion of octal numbers into decimal that is discussed stepwise. It follows the following steps.

  1. Here will be a valid octal number as input.
  2. A valid octal number will only have 0 to 7 digits.
  3. The digits of the octal number are treated independently.
  4. Each number is multiply with it's base as 8.
  5. There is a particular weight of each digit which is determined by the position of digit.
  6. The position of digit is measured it's distance from most right side digit.
  7. The right most digit has position is zero and going to the left hand side digits it is incremented by 1.
  8. Octal number system is an easy and convenient way for the representation of large and complicated binary numbers.


octal to decimal conversion
How to convert Octal number into Decimal

Fractional Octal to Decimal

In some practical examples there is required to convert fractional octal numbers into decimal. A fractional number contain dot operator or can say dot symbol. The digit written after the dot symbol is fractional part. For conversion into decimal The fractional digits are assigned negative positions. These negative positions are raised to the power of the required base as decimal.

Octal to Decimal Examples

Below here are some examples of conversion that may helpful

  • Convert 24.71 octal number into decimal.
  • What will the equivalent decimal number of 53.20?
  • Write down step by step conversion of octal 33.443 into binary.
  • How large octal numbers can be converted into decimal?
  • Find decimal equivalent of 333.312 octal number.
  • Which method is used for octal to decimal conversion?
  • What is decimal number of octal 11.11?

Octal to Decimal Formula

The above said step and calculations are derived or can say that formed from the mathematical formula. This math formula is used to calculate integer and fractional part separately.

Integer Part

Decimal Number = i=1 n n th digit * 8 n-1

Fractional Part

Decimal Number = i=1 n n th digit * 8 1/n