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Euclidean Algorithm GCD calculator with steps

Steps to calculate GCD/HCF using Euclidean Algorithm

Euclidean Algorithm is also quick and easy way for finding GCD/HCF. This method is used for calculating GCD of only two numbers. If we provide more that two numbers for calculation then this system will take only minimum and maximum numbers.

The following steps are used for calculating GCD

  1. First of all find the minimum number out of the given numbers
  2. Then divide the maximum number by minimum number
  3. If the remainder of the above division is not equal to zero
  4. It mean minimum number is not completely dividing the maximum number.
  5. Then divide the minimum number by the remainder of above steps
  6. Repeat the process until the remainder of numbers is not zero.


gcd using Euclidean Algorithm
HCF using Euclidean Algorithm

GCD/HCF Practice Problems

There are listed some common and important questions that can helpful to understand the process of GCD calculation using Euclidean Algorithm

  • Write down steps for the calculation of GCD using Euclidean Algorithm
  • Find GCd of 34, 56, 89 and 57
  • What is the GCD of 1, 1
  • Calculate the HCF of 44, 11, 30, 20 and 82
  • Can we calculate the GCD of more than two numbers using Euclidean Algorithm
  • Find the HCF of number as follow 76, 10, 20 and 30