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Least Common Multiple Calculator

LCM calculator step by step

Steps to calculate LCM using Repeated Division Method

This method of calculation for Least Common Multiple is used very frequently. The reason is that this method is short and comprehensive in steps. So that it is preferable to find LCM using this method. It is also called Smallest Common Factor

In this method the provided numbers are divided by the prime numbers repeatedly until unless all the given numbers tends to one which means the number cannot further divided. There the list of all steps that are required for calculation of LCM using this method.

  1. First of list all the given numbers.
  2. Start dividing this list of numbers by the first prime number.
  3. This prime number is usually 2 (Two)
  4. In some cases 2 may not dividing any of the provided numbers.
  5. Then we select the next prime number for division.
  6. Process of division for all numbers is continue till all the numbers equal to one.
  7. After this entire process we will collect all the divisor numbersSay that prime numbers
  8. In last step we will multiply all the divisor numbers. This will be the required LCM.


Calculate LCM using repeated division method
Calculate LCM using repeated division method

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