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Online Profit and Loss Calculator Using Cost and Sell

Estimate Profit and Loss

Calculate a profit margin

Profit margin is the amount that differ cost and sell. This calculator is used to measure profit margin as well can compute total loss. This calculator is also used to calculate percentage of profit. For these calculations we have to provide two parameters to the calculator.

  1. Cost (Amount that is used to purchase)
  2. Sell (This is the amount at which product or services are delivered)

Formula for calculating net profit

Net profit is the amount that is availed after delivering product or services without purchasing cost. We can compute the net profit using the following formula.

Profit Formula

Profit = Selling Price - Cost Price

The above formula is also called profit equation.

Profit Percentage Formula

Profit Percentage = Profit * 100 / Cost Price

How to find profit

To find profit or loss using this online calculator we have to provide at least two parameter are required on the form. These simple steps are used to compute profit or loss from the selling and cost of products or services.

  • Provide Cost and profit to calculate profit percentage.
  • We may provide selling and profit, that will also compute the profit.
  • Profit and loss can be calculated from cost or selling amount.
Profit and Loss Calculator Using Formula
Profit and Loss Calculator Using Formula