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Step By Step Binary To Octal Converter

Binary to Octal Converter with Solution

Steps to convert binary number to octal

Octal number system is a short way to represent large size binaries. Here large size means there may be more than usual digits in binary number. So there is a short method can say a number system for representing these binaries. Octal number system is also used in memory address representations. Octal numbers system has only EIGHT digits from 0 to 7. That means it's base or radix is 8. We can also convert these numbers in any other number system.

Binary numbers can easily converted into octal using the shortcut method. Here are these steps are performed.

  1. In first we are required a valid binary number.
  2. Here valid binary number means it only contains 0 and 1
  3. In next step we have to create pairs of each THREE (3) digits, from right to left.
  4. Additionally we can add padding of 0 digit to complete last octal pair.
  5. In next step we have to map each 3 digit binary with corresponding decimal digit from binary table.
  6. After this one we will have an equivalent decimal number.
  7. We can also convert binary to octal using intermediate decimal number system. For this purpose we first have to convert binary to decimal using weighted method and then we will convert this decimal number into octal using repeated division method.


binary to octal conversion
How to convert Binary number into Octal

Valid Binary number

A binary number must be belong to the set of digits that are part of binary number system. It means that there must not be digit or can say that symbols other than 0 and 1. But there may we use dot operator that is helpful in representation of fractional numbers.

Alternative Conversion Method

Here is also another alternative method for binary to octal numbers. For this purpose first we have to convert binary number into decimal Bin to Dec and then result will be converted into octal Dec to Oct.

Fractional Binary to Octal Conversion

Fractional binary numbers having decimal point in it. The conversion process of these number is done by assigning negative weights to the digits appearing after decimal point. These digit are multiplied with 1/base that is equivalent to the negative power of particular digit.

Binary to Octal Examples

Here are the examples that will help to learn in detail that How to convert binary to octal number

  • How to convert 101.010101 binary into equivalent octal number?
  • Convert 101010.0001 into octal number system.
  • Write a shortcut method for conversion of binary into octal.
  • Calculate octal number for the given binary 1111.01011.
  • Find out the octal number of 11100.11010.
  • Write down the stepwise procedure for binary to octal conversion.
  • What will be the octal equivalent of 10.01000 binary.
  • Write down a random binary of 10 digits and convert it into octal.

binary To Octal Counting

Binary Octal
000 0
001 1
010 2
011 3
100 4
101 5
110 6
111 7