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GCD Using Repeated Division

Steps to calculate GCD/HCF using Repeated Division Method

There are multiple methods to calculate the value of greatest common divisor, One of the famous technique is repeated division. In this technique we will follow the following steps

  1. Start dividing each provided number from smallest prime number.
  2. Repeat the step 1 until there is not a single prime number that can completely divide each and every number from the list.
  3. After this multiply each divisor that will the GCD

HCF Exercise Questions

  1. Find HCF of 12, 88, 36
  2. What will the GCD value of numbers 55, 11, 66 and 88
  3. Write down the HCF/GCD of 78 and 90
  4. Calculate the HCF of 84, 23, 60 and 12
  5. Write down method for calculating GCD


gcd using repeated division method
GCD using repeated division method