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Step By Step Decimal To Octal Converter

Convert Decimal to Octal number

Importance of Octal Number system

Octal numbers plays an important role in several fields of computer science. In real sense octal number system is derived from the decimal number system. For better understanding we can convert decimal into octal and vice versa. This conversion is important to understand the value of octal number. Because octal numbers can not directly understand by human beings. We use here repeated division and repeated multiplication method for converting decimal to octal.

Steps to convert decimal number to octal

Here are the listed steps for conversion

  1. Valid decimal number that belong from the domain of decimal number system is required.
  2. If the provided number having integer as well as fractional part.
  3. Then each part is calculated separately.
  4. We use here repeated division method for the conversion of integer part.
  5. After integer part conversion fraction part is converted using repeated multiplications.
  6. After completion of the above said steps the both result are sum up that will be the final result.
  7. Octal numbers are used for setting or assigning the permission values in different operating systems.


decimal to octal conversion using division method
How to convert Decimal to Octal Number

Fractional Decimal to Fractional Octal

As of the decimal number system we also face the fractional numbers that have decimal point and some digits after decimal point. For the conversion of fractional numbers the will some additional effort made. Integer part is converted in the same as the natural number will be converted. In real numbers the fractional part is calculated separately using repeated multiplication.

Decimal to Octal Examples

Some examples are here for understanding of conversion

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