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Step By Step Octal To Binary Converter

Octal to Binary Converter With Solution

Steps to convert octal number to binary

Octal number can be represented with the help of THREE binary digits. As of the maximum octal number is 7 and it's binary form is 111 and all the THREE bits are on means 1. So that the direct conversion of these two number system is possible. We also used here the direct method of conversion from octal to binary number system.

Another method can also be adopted to achieved the similar results that is first convert Oct to Dec and the result again will be converted Dec to Bin.

Here are the list of steps that will be followed for direct conversion.

  1. We have to write the octal number in an array form
  2. There is equivalent number of each octal number
  3. In second step we will write the corresponding binary number.
  4. Each integer and fractional part will be converted independently.
  5. There is octal to binary table provide to map each octal number.
  6. Octal table is used for direct conversion


octal to binary conversion
How to convert Octal into Binary

How to convert fractional Octal into Binary

Octal fractional number can also converted into binary number system. For this purpose the same method is applied on the fractional part of the provided number. It means that each digit from the fractional part will also matched with corresponding binary number from the oct to bin counting table.

Octal to Binary Examples

Some of the important questions that may help to understand this conversion are listed here.

  • Convert 12.332 into binary using direct method.
  • Find out the binary equivalent of 4532.111.
  • What will be the binary number of octal 231.2212?
  • Write down steps for conversion of oct to bin using binary table.
  • Calculate equivalent binary number of octal number 2323.43.
  • What is the binary of 3232.3443?
  • Write the binary number of 22.543.
  • Convert 34.4342 into binary.

Octal To Binary Counting

Octal Binary
0 000
1 001
2 010
3 011
4 100
5 101
6 110
7 111