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Step By Step Hexadecimal To Decimal Converter

Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal number

Steps to convert hexadecimal number to Decimal

Hexadecimal interpretation is complex for human so that in some situations it is necessary to convert hexadecimal to decimal. There are multiple methods for conversion. Here we adopt the most famous number conversion method that is weighted method. After successful conversion the complex number can easily interpret and any modification performed.

What is valid hexadecimal number

There are set of rules for the composition of numbers from a particular number system. The basic rule is that each digit of the number must belong to the respective number system. Valid hexadecimal number will contain only digits from 0 to 9 and additionally A to F. Here if the number is fractional then dot operator will also used in number for the separation of integer and fractional part.

Here we provided a step wise procedure for the conversion of hexadecimal to decimal number.

  1. In first step we are required a valid and correct hexadecimal number as input
  2. In hexadecimal number there is base 16 (sixteen)
  3. We have to assign power to its base starting from right to left corresponding to the digit from hexadecimal number.
  4. The first digit will have position zero and to left side this will be incremented by 1.
  5. After computation of base and power we will multiply it with specific digit from the given number.
  6. In last step all the results are converged and the required conversion will be achieved.
  7. Hexadecimal conversion into decimal is important for better understanding of numbers.


hexadecimal to decimal conversion
How to convert Hexadecimal number into Decimal

How Fractional hexadecimal to convert in Decimal

For the conversion of hexadecimal number having some fractional part(decimal values). This number is treated in another way. So the integer part is assigned position from 0 to onward and the decimal part will be assigned negative positions.

Hexadecimal to Decimal Practice

In this section number of common questions that will help more.

  • Write the conversion procedure for hexadecimal to dec.
  • Convert 1A.E9 into decimal number system.
  • Find the equivalent of EF.190A into decimal.
  • How to convert 1EF.AA into decimal number system?
  • What is the corresponding decimal number of 14E.EF?
  • Calculate ABC.DEF into decimal.
  • What will be the decimal of number E12.321?

Hexadecimal to Decimal Formula

Mathematical formula that is used for computation of hexadecimal equivalent number from provide binary number is used. Here we will use different formula's for both integer and fractional part of the binary number.

Integer Part

Decimal Number = i=1 n n th digit * 16 n-1

Fractional Part

Decimal Number = i=1 n n th digit * 16 1/n