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What is Roman Number Converter

Roman number are used to represent quantities using a little set of symbols. These are total seven symbols, which have special predefined weight in roman number system. Aside that each digit or can say symbol has weight there is also some kind of rules for interpretation and creation of roman numbers. Unlike other number systems, In Roman number system four symbols from the roman digits domain cannot comes together. It means that to represent we can use III (I three times). But when we are required to write four then rather than write it four times we will use the next symbol and one will be deducted from this next symbol. Such as IV (Here V is used for five in roman)

That's the actual reason that we cannot convert numbers greater than 3999 in roman number system. Because the next coming number will be 4000 and it is required four adjacent symbols of thousand (M). This will violate the fundamental counting rule of roman number system.

Number and its equivalent Roman numerals

  1. 1 I
  2. 5 V
  3. 10 X
  4. 50 L
  5. 100 C
  6. 500 D
  7. 1000 M

How to represent number more than 1000 in roman

As the largest symbol of roman is M (which is 1000) and rule that four symbols cannot comes as adjacent. In addition there exist another important rule which is used to represent numbers greater than 3999, and other big numbers. For this purpose we will write overline to the existing 7 symbols from roman number system. Using this rule we can write 4000 in roman as IV. This overline may be placed over the first digit or over the entire number.

Number Using Overline
100000 (One Lac)C
1000000 (Ten Lac)M

Roman Counting 1 to 10

Using OMC we can generate roman counting from 1 to 10. Here is the list of first 10 roman digits.

Roman Integer

Steps to convert Roman Numeral into Number

Online Math Calculator provide online application that can be use to convert the provided number into integer or decimal number system using simple steps. This will also provide detail and weight information of each roman digit. These steps are as.

  • first of all we have to provide valid roman number.
  • If input number will invalid then invalid results will be generated.
  • We can also use roman keypad for number input.
  • After number input we will have to press the convert button.
  • Result will be displayed with steps.
Roman Numerals to Number conversion
Roman Numerals to Number conversion